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Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic
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 56 reviews
 by Shannon Howland

After previous experiences with chiropractors, I was hesitant to go see Dr. Jim. After the first appointment it was clear that Dr. Jim knows what he is doing. He was very patient in explaining what would happen and took the time to make sure I didn't have any questions. Constant headaches stopped after a few sessions with Doc and I felt human again. There were no more days where ibuprofen was needed just to make it through the day. I can't thank Dr. Jim enough for everything he has done!

 by Wanda Newland

For the last five years I have suffered with my back, hips, and neck. Doctors have always told me I was swayed back which caused some of my pain, and “probably” migraines and headaches because of female problems. I have had female problems all of my life to the point of having 4 surgeries and miscarrying 4 babies during the 3rd or 4th month. Yet no one doctor would find the “root” of my problems. The past year has been the worst. I was told I have Fibromyalgia and would probably be on disability within 1-2 years. Well, I am the main income in our family since my husband is on disability, and we cannot afford to lose my paycheck for disability.
 I saw an ad in the paper about a meeting Dr. Weatherley was having at the library and how he could help with Fibromyalgia so I figured I had nothing to lose and all to gain. So I attended the meeting and was so impressed by the things he said that I made an appointment. Believe me, it was the best decision I have ever made!
 I made my first appt and to my surprise it was the first time I have ever had that many x-rays and tests done on my back. The next appt my husband came with me and we sat down with Dr. Weatherley to view the x-rays and see if he could treat my problem.  My jaw hung open when I saw what a mess my spine was in. No wonder I was in so much pain! There really was a true cause for the pain and it wasn’t just in my head. As many doctors and specialist as I have seen no one ever saw anything wrong with my back, but they sure could dish out more pills. I have never been trained to read x-rays, but let me tell you a 3 year old could have identified the problem.
 Needless to say we started my treatment the next day and in two weeks I could lift my right leg up to tie my tennis shoes which has been quite the job before. All of my life I have had chronic diarrhea, and for the FIRST time in my life I have not had it. I actually got worried as this had been something I have lived with all of my life. Also I have been sleeping on my back which is something I couldn’t do before. I had gotten to the point that some days I would have to have help climbing the three steps into the house. If I can feel this great after just three weeks just wait to see how I will be doing!
 My favorite past time is to push mow. It has always been my stress reliever and I haven’t done this in a long while and now I am looking so forward to summer. I told my son to find my mower and sharpen my blades!
 I have stopped one of the “pills” I was taking and hope to be able to stop some more of the other 10 that I am still taking.
 My only regret it that I didn’t find him sooner. I just know with his help I probably would have been able to carry my babies.
 If you told me that Dr Weatherley walked on water, I would believe you. I have never had any doctor take this much time to HEAR me and work with me.
 Kimberly is wonderful at helping me stay on track with my appointments and she even made me a schedule.
When people at church tell you, “Your face doesn’t look like you’re in pain,” you know something is working. So many people have commented on how “brighter” I look and that my eyes are brighter. My family and I owe you all so much. Just wish I had come sooner.

 by Susan Ellis

I have Fibromyalgia and have had daily pain that was not at all controlled by medication. It had gotten to where I could not walk or stand for long periods of time and had progressed to where I could not sleep very well. I had been suffering from this for 6 years. Over the years I have seen many doctors and spent thousands of dollars trying to get help. I have tried several different medications and many different types of treatments, but nothing really seemed to help.

I attended a Fibromyalgia workshop that Dr. Weatherley presented at the library and made an appointment to speak with him. The staff at Natural State Clinic have been very nice and caring. I have liked everything about the care I have received here. I feel so much better. I can walk, turn my neck better and my back is straighter. I have an improved life and I am much happier. I would recommend anyone with spinal problems or fibromyalgia talk to Dr. Weatherley to see if he can help you the way he has me.

 by Shelly Perry

I want to thank Dr Weatherley and his staff for such great help. They are there for our family at a moment's notice. I am a disabled veteran I came to them on a referral from a friend since I was on a walker. I was told by my VA doctors to never see a chiropractor due to having degenerative disc disease that it would make things much worse. It took a bit of convincing but since my friend trusted them with her new born son I figured it was worth a try I went to him not knowing the VA had been hiding a bulging disc in my back. Dr Weatherley worked with me and in a short time the walker was gone I was getting around pretty good. That was in 2012 and since then, anytime I've had anything bothering me I ask his opinion and he's been right. I trust him with my care and he has kept me out of a wheelchair for many years I have been able to get back to my life. If it wasn't for him I couldn't have traveled to Washington state and go to Branson for several years. It's now 2017 have hit a bump in the road that he can't fix this time but I will be going back when all is better. Degenerative disc disease is a complicated disease and Dr Weatherley has done as far as he can for now but will be continuing my care to prevent the progress on it. I blame the VA for letting this get this far. If Dr Weatherley would have been treating me from day one I would be great. While in his care I started low impact martial arts and I am a yellow belt pretty proud of our success and the work of Dr Weatherley and his staff. In time I'm going back to martial arts. Thank you to you all for being my life saver my family and I really appreciate you all so very much.

 by Shannon Slayton

Why would anyone suffer with pain and not ask for help? I have asked myself this question many times since finally going to see Dr. Weatherley. His wife, Misti, told me several times to “just call him, he can take care of you”. I put it off until the pain in my shoulder had become unbearable. I began having spasms in my back and shoulder and finally took her advice and called during a patient appreciation drive. I had no idea what to expect because I had never been to a chiropractor; however, after suffering with the pain for over a year I was happy for some help.

Kimberly made me feel so welcome. She is always friendly, and always has a smile for me when I come in. She checks on my family and really knows and cares about my health. Dr. Weatherley was very professional, but very personal as well. He took some x-rays and administered a couple of tests. He explained what needed to be done to help me, not just with the immediate pain but for my long term benefit. Dr. Weatherley then sat down with me and explained the treatment process in detail and even offered to explain the plan to family members.

I have been amazed at the quality of care I have received from Dr. Weatherley and Kimberly while being treated at the Clinic. From the first adjustments, I have noticed changes in my ability to use my arm. My girls have even made comments about me being able to do more! One surprise I received from the adjustments…no more headaches! I had been taking up to 8 Tylenol per day until I began treatments with Dr. Weatherley. That was not even a symptom I originally told him because I did not even realize how bad they were. Thankfully I can say…no more Tylenol!

God has given Dr. Weatherley an amazing talent to care for others. God gave Kimberly a great way to minister to others through her kindness and caring attitude. Beyond a doubt I believe this is their ministry to others. It is obvious they care for their patients, by name! I am very thankful God put Misti in my life over 35 years ago. If not for her encouragement to seek help, I may still be in pain and not enjoying life to the fullest.

 by Jennifer Alexander

As a busy mother of four children, I know how important it is to keep my family healthy so we can continue our active lifestyle. During the last trimester of my fourth pregnancy, I was feeling very uncomfortable and having some pain in my lower back (a 9 ½ pound baby will do that to you!) I went to Dr. Weatherley for relief and found it. When my husband and I welcomed our new son into our family, we were overjoyed. With three other children, we were prepared for the sleepless nights and extra laundry. But after a couple of months, our son was still not sleeping well and having trouble keeping his formula down. Our pediatrician told us we would have to give him medication if his reflux didn’t improve. We brought him to Dr. Weatherley for help. At 2 months old, our son received his first chiropractic adjustment. We were amazed at the results. He began sleeping soundly through the night and was much more rested in the mornings. He was also able to keep his formula down and didn’t have to take medication. Our baby continues to see Dr. Weatherley on a regular basis to keep him (and us) feeling good!

 by Ronald McDaniel II

I had been experiencing a burning, tingling sensation and pain in my shoulder along with numbness in my left arm. I was also experiencing neck and shoulder tension. For as long as I can remember I have suffered with these conditions.

My fiancé had been seeing Dr. Weatherley for her migraine headaches and was doing really well. Seeing how she had improved so dramatically, I was finally convinced to come in and see what could be done about my condition. The staff treated me excellently. I loved the “personal” care that I received at the office. It was obvious that Kimberly and Dr. Weatherley really cared about my health and well-being.

They were very thorough to explain my condition to me and gave me a plan on how to correct it. I could not ask for better results – all of my pain has gone away. I wish everyone with problems like I had would come and see them. It has changed my life for the better!

 by Riley Carter

I was experiencing mid-back pain, low-back pain, and migraines. Not to mention that I also had a host of other health issues like bowel problems, my feet, fingers, and hands going numb, bad neck rotation and neck pain, sickness every time I ate and very severe menstrual cramps.

Most of this had been going on for about 12 years and started when I was around 10 years old! I was on medications for my migraines and back pain but they never fixed it. My doctor even had me try physical therapy.

A friend of mine was seeing Dr. Weatherley and recommended I make an appointment with him to see if he could help. The staff was wonderful. They made me feel like a friend instantly and I feel close to them.

Dr. Weatherley must have been accurate in his findings and with his treatment because I now have fewer migraines, and the ones that I do have are WAY less intense. My bowel movements are more normal and I hardly experience any menstrual cramps. I do not have nearly as much back and neck pain. Plus he is a lot of fun to work with.

I would and have recommended several people to NSC. They are a great clinic and very much awesome people!

 by Philip Price

When I first came to see Dr. Weatherley I had been experiencing a lot of shoulder pain and low back pain. My wife had been to see him because of her low back pain, so I thought I would see if he was able to help my pain as well. I had suffered with the shoulder pain for about eight years, and the low back pain for about ten. I had taken anti-inflammatory meds off and on for eight years. I had gotten many cortisone shots, seen four or five doctors, with no results.

The staff at NSC was courteous and always made me feel like I was someone, not just another patient. I loved the explanations that Dr. Weatherley gave me. So many doctors just write prescriptions and give you a name of what they think your problem may be. Dr. Weatherley told me why I was hurting and fixed it- No Pills!

I have not only noticed that my shoulder and low back pain have gone away but I’m also not sick as often as I used to be, which is a big plus when you have two kids! I would recommend anyone to Natural State Clinic.

 by Nathan Lester

I have been having migraine headaches since I was 5 years old. I remember the very first one I had. My cousin and I were standing at the window by the kitchen my mom was standing at the sink. I remember looking out the window and my first headache started. Since then I have had a problem with migraines. I am 42 now and have been dealing with them for 37 long years. Not only that, I injured my lower back 20 years ago and it has never been right since then.

My mother-in-law is a patient of Dr. Weatherley’s and she had been trying to get me to go see him. I had used a chiropractor a few years back for my back pain and it helped but I was still having flare-ups of pain. I have had an MRI and gone through physical therapy but was still having problems. I made an appointment with Dr. Weatherley to see if he could help with my back pain. During the consultation he asked about my headaches as well and told me he might be able to help me with that too.

I have very little lower back pain now and it is usually after I have traveled a lot. The best thing though, I have NO migraines. Once he started treating me, they were gone. In a three month period I had one maybe two very mild headaches. So mild, I would not even call it a headache. They had gotten so bad that I would have 2-3 per WEEK and now NO migraines. It has changed my life.

I am very pleased with the results of the care I got and how I was treated at the clinic. Everyone was very nice and they were really good to work around my work schedule. I do and will continue to recommend them any time I can. In fact, another patient had talked to Dr. Weatherley about a little girl they knew that was having migraines and he told them about my situation and asked me if I would mind talking to the parents of the little girl. I said I would love to, so he gave them my number. I spoke to them and hope they take her to see him. I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did.

 by Nancy White

When I saw Dr. Weatherley’s ad in the paper, my first thought was of my son. As I kept reading through the article, I saw where he had helped people with dizziness, sinus problems, lower back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Since I had been dealing with several of those, I began to wonder about me. I’ve had sinus problems for years, and have taken all kinds of medication that, in the long run, really did not help me at all. I was even sent to see a specialist. The first thing the specialist wanted to do was surgery on my sinuses, and my answer was no. I also didn’t want all of the allergy shots they wanted to do. My doctor wasn’t sure what to do for me during my last visit.

Coming to Dr. Weatherley was the best thing that I did for not only my sinuses, but also my other problems. After my first adjustment my sinuses opened, and I could breathe! Previous to coming to see Dr. Weatherley, I was on antibiotics at least every other month, if not every month. For about 15 years, I would have to go through round after round of antibiotics for my sinus infections every winter. Since Dr. Weatherley has been treating me, I have been able to stop taking all medications for my sinuses! I have only had one flare up, and I was able to get through it with NO antibiotics.

I also have fibromyalgia, so I used to hurt all over and would always be very tired. During Christmas I went shopping, which was usually a painful trip, but not this time. I was out several hours, and when I got home my back was not hurting like it normally would after being out for that many hours. My normal routine after shopping would be to lie across my bed and try to stretch out my back to get some relief from my pain. Most of the time, if I was up and about for awhile, then I knew that I would be down and in bad shape for a while also. This year, however, I even took a three year old shopping, came back with her, and then went to a jewelry party!!!

I can now go to bed at night without my back hurting! In the mornings I feel so much better than I used to. I have more energy and can get so much more done in my day now. My work day starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:30pm and would consume every bit of my energy. There were so many days that after work I would go home and go straight to bed. Then I started picking up a little one every other week from daycare, and as soon as her mother would get home, I had to leave so I could get home and get to bed so I could rest. Seeing Dr. Weatherley three times a week for the first part of my treatment was a little rough on top of everything else that was going on, but it was well worth it. My energy slowly improved, and now I can make my appointments and even have the energy to go shopping before I return home. Now I look for things to do to keep me busy instead of just sitting around. Now that I have more energy, I can enjoy my life more. I think even my pets have even noticed the difference. Since I am feeling so much better I’ve added a few more than I planned!

My friends have even told me that I look and even act like I feel better, and I really do. I’ve even been told I have too much energy! I honestly felt like my life was slipping away and could not imagine what I was going to be like when I actually got to my old age years. I am amazed at my overall improvement. I’m trying to get all my friends and family to come see Dr. Weatherley and see how much better they will feel.

 by Myron Tilley

I have fibromyalgia and have been dealing with the pain for about 8 years. A friend of my fiancé new Dr. Weatherly treated fibro patients and recommended I go see him to find out if he could help me.

Over the years I have had several tests and used several medications, but nothing ever helped. Since coming to Dr. Weatherley, I haven’t had the lower back pain that used to give me constant aches even while just sitting. Now I can sit for an extended period of time with no pain.

Fibromyalgia is something that has no cure, but Dr. Weatherley knows and understands this. He can’t cure me, but he is taking the right steps for me to be able to do things without some of the pain I used to have. From the very first visit, he went into detail about my specific problems, addressed those problems and diagnosed me using x-rays and other tests. He then arranged a plan to fix those problems. He was and is always up front and honest about everything.

The staff is very helpful and professional. It is always a joy to come into a place and have people remember your name and not treat you like just another patient.

 by Miranda Reed

When I first came to see Dr. Weatherley, I had severe back pain in my upper and lower back. I also had been experiencing frequent symptoms of pleurisy and epilepsy. I had back pain off and on for as long as I can remember, but especially in the last two to three years. I have been struggling with pleurisy off and on for at least ten years. I have also had seizures since I was six, but they have gotten progressively worse over the past 13 years. They had progressed in frequency to the point of having one about every three weeks.

I have taken numerous medications for my back pain, but they only covered up the problem. I have also been to other chiropractors, but they only gave me pain relief care (which didn’t really fix the problem either). The staff at Natural State Clinic maintains a positive, cheerful, and friendly attitude while providing very helpful information and the best quality care available.

During my treatment, my pain became virtually unnoticeable. Along the way, Dr. Weatherley explained everything involved in the treatment process. The fact that he did x-rays to find the problem and be certain of my particular health concerns helped to establish trust and made me feel as though we were treating the problem, not just the symptoms. In addition to pain relief, my pleurisy symptoms have almost ceased to exist, and my seizures are far less frequent. I haven’t stopped recommending Dr. Weatherley to my friends since I started seeing results. I love Dr. Weatherley and the rest of the Natural State staff!

 by Michelle Williams

When I came in to see Dr. Weatherley I had been having a lot of lower back pain and pain between my shoulder blades, not to mention I had been dealing with migraines. I had suffered with these problems for about 18 years or so. I had been to a chiropractor before but what they were doing did not seem to help.

Ms. Kimberly greets me with a smile everyday and Dr. Weatherley is very friendly. It is easy to see that he really cares for his patients and I love the fact that he is so thorough. I now have very little, if any, back pain and my migraines have reduced as well.

I would definitely recommend Natural State Clinic. They have truly helped me.

 by Mary Bailey

My name is Mary and I have been having back, and neck pain for many years and had come to the conclusion that " I would have to live with it." The pain became so unbearable that I was unable to walk thru a grocery store to buy just a simple loaf of bread. Then one day a friend of mine recommended that I come see Dr. Weatherley and his staff. After several attempts from my friend; I decided to come and see Dr. Weatherley. it has been the best move, for my health, that I could have made. Dr. Weatherley and staff have done an incredible job on my back and neck; that I can now get around without pain.

 by Lydia Saugey

My name is Lydia Saugey, and I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 16. I began receiving chiropractic care shortly thereafter to help manage the pain, with the hope that consistent care would prevent my back trouble from worsening.  However, I found that the relief was always temporary at best; as the years ticked by, I could tell my condition was not improving, and in fact new symptoms began to appear. I consistently experienced moderate back pain, hip pain, neck trouble, and headaches. I went to chiropractor after chiropractor, hoping for help, but they all just shrugged and said scoliosis is hard to treat. They were nice, but their adjustments just didn't do the job. It was frustrating, because I was doing all I knew to help my back, but at the age of 26, there were a lot of fun activities I simply could not do. I finally just resigned myself to living with the pain, and was grateful for what relief I could get, no longer hoping for more.

 Then a few months ago, a friend from church told me about Dr. Weatherley. Bro. Mark said that this chiropractor was different; diagnosing a neck injury that no other doctor had found and giving the best adjustments my friend had ever received. He strongly encouraged me to give him a try and see if he could help me. I was impressed, but initially hesitant since I live in Little Rock and wasn't sure why this chiropractor would be any different from the many I had gone to in the past. But Bro. Mark stayed after me about it, and as I saw how much he'd been helped, I decided to use the certificate he gave me and see for myself what made this doctor so different!

 When I arrived for my first appointment, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Weatherley. He was not in a rush, and I could tell he really cared about helping me. He asked me for specifics on every symptom, and took the time to find out everything he needed to know. This was something I had never experienced before! And he told me something I also had never known that there are two types of chiropractors. The ones I had gone to in the past were all strictly pain-relief, but he was different in his entire approach by looking long-term. He wanted to get to the root of the problem and actually correct some of my scoliosis! No one else had even suggested such a thing.

 For the first time, I began to hope! I appreciated his honest approach; he told me right up front that if he couldn't help me, he would tell me. By the time he finished adjusting me, though, I was hoping with all my heart that he could, because I had never received such a wonderful adjustment in my life! He was gentle and precise, and I began to see why my friend was so impressed with this doctor. He was different!

 At my next appointment, he showed me the films and explained what he wanted to do. I was very impressed with his knowledge and explanation of how the spine is designed to work. I learned so much about my back, why I was experiencing the problems and how he could help, just in that one sitting. He showed me how my back was not functioning as God had designed it to, and assured me he could make a difference if I was willing to get on board with this new approach. Boy, was I ever!

 And I can honestly say that that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I immediately improved under his thorough care and now feel better than I ever dreamed possible. The terrible headaches that had plagued me 3-4 times a week are suddenly gone. The back pain that kept me up at night has vanished. My hip feels better than ever, and I now know that I do not have the arthritis previous doctors told me I had developed. I am amazed to find that the normal day-to-day activities that had caused so much pain before now no longer hurt! I had grown so accustomed to consistent pain that it is almost a shock not to hurt. It's wonderful! And all this is due to Dr. Weatherley's compassionate care. I feel like I have my life back!

 I should add that in the midst of my treatment, I had thumb surgery, an appendectomy, and a knee dislocation. (None of which were his fault, by the way!) In spite of these obstacles, Dr. Weatherley still managed to treat me and continue my progress. He was always so careful to avoid hurting me, and graciously changed some methods to accommodate those problem areas.

 I honestly look forward to every appointment here; Kimberly and Dr. Weatherley never fail to brighten my day! Although I will always have scoliosis, I now know I do not have to live in daily pain, nor do I have to dread growing old. With his care, I know I don't have to become bent and humpbacked as so often happens with scoliosis. It has been exciting to not only feel the changes, but see them on film as well. I can hardly wait for the next evaluation!

 I would recommend Natural State Clinic to anyone who wants not just pain relief, but all-around better health; it is well worth the 40 minute drive from Little Rock. As I tell my friends, Excedrin used to be my best friend.... now Dr. Weatherley is!

 by Lucinda Cwenar

My name is Lucinda Cwenar and I thank you for taking the time to read my story.
I am in my early 30’s and I have had some lower back problems for over 10 years. They have caused me moderate to severe pain and it has diminished my quality of life.
The greatest problems however, began to occur about 5 years ago when my sons and I were in a severe auto accident.

The accident injured my older sons head and our attention was with him and little did I know that my health and my sanity would soon be pushed to the limit. Headaches began to follow in the previous month and occasionally a migraine would ensue. A lot of Tylenol later, my migraines would become a constant presence. I would go to the doctors and a few CT’s later we would begin experimenting with different medications only to mildly mask my pain. The pain then began to travel through my neck. More doctors and a few neurologists later I was having frequent epidural shots in my neck (at a $1,000 a pop) with only temporary relieve.

We moved back to Arkansas and with the change, new hope of finding help. New doctors, more chiropractic visits and a host of odd products ordered online found us with no new help. We were referred to a kind country doctor who tried desperately to help with alternative medicine like prolo- therapy. With each failure my spirits grew lower and lower. My muscles began to knot up and now on top of my normal pain I had severe muscle cramps in my neck and shoulders. My quality of life continued to fail; I would now spend many days a week in bed. Our doctor bills were climbing and I began to feel hopeless. I am a Christian and strongly believe in prayer and I was frustrated when it appeared that God would not hear my prayer.

When life could not get worse it did. I started having seizure like episodes. With these episodes I would have short term memory loss. They had progressed to the point of multiple episodes per day at times. Many times the episode would end with me passing out. I could not be left alone and everyone around me knew how to help me pass out and fall safely. My speech then changed it was broken and high pitched. My husband carried me to the emergency room and after 3 days in ICU the doctors said I was stressed out and needed more medication. Another doctor said I needed a psychological evaluation. I began to believe they were right.

Then we had a friend who recommended Dr. Weatherley. We were skeptical and said, “Why try again?” When we found out he was a chiropractor we decided not to go because we were already seeing one. Finally we decided to try again. It is a long 2 ½ hour drive (one way) to Conway. Upon arrival we were greeted by the wonderfully kind Miss Kimberly, then in for a consultation followed by tests, x-rays, and our evaluation. Dr. Weatherley was not sure he could help (we were not surprised but appreciated his honesty). He gave us a trial run with the Logan basic technique and to my husbands and my surprise my speech returned to normal and my muscles began to relax almost immediately and my pain level dropped minimally. I was able to stand up straight and walk with out my husband’s assistance.
We were all amazed. My husband and I cried finally “HOPE”. It did not last long but it was a taste of having my life back.

We have traveled 15,000 miles in just a few months because we finally found help. I am not 100% back but I have made significant improvement and have hope again for life.
My boys feel like they have momma back and my husband has his wife back - she had been missing for a couple of years.

Thank you doctor Weatherley for quitting your job and going back to school to learn how to help me. Thank you Mrs. Weatherley, for allowing your husband to drag you through a major change in life. Thank you Kimberly for your kind heart and always making me feel at home (and for crying with me).

Dr. Weatherley is a professional, compassionate, educated friend of hurting people.
Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and bringing help through our Chiropractor and friend Dr. Jim Weatherley.

It is amazing one chiropractor was able help where so many doctors and hospitals had failed. We have spent well over $50,000 with no change until we met Dr. Weatherley.

Dear friend you are in the right place for help.

 by Lorie White

I ended up with Dr. Weatherley by the grace of God. It was what I call a ‘God thing’.
I had called information for the phone # for Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic in Little Rock on Cantrell Road, but the 411 operator somehow gave me Conway instead. I called and scheduled an appointment and just happened to ask before I hung up if it was the one located on Cantrell Road. Kimberly told me, no, that they were located on Donaghey in Conway. I asked her to keep the appointment just in case I couldn’t get in to the one in Little Rock because I actually live west of Little Rock. As it turned out, I couldn’t even get a live person on the phone at the other clinic, so I kept my appointment with Dr. Weatherley. The other part of the ‘God thing’ is that my son lives in Conway, just off Donaghey and I watch my granddaughter for him every day.
I had hurt my lower back when I made a stupid move getting my granddaughter’s car seat out of the base in my truck. I knew it as soon as it happened. It was as if someone had shoved a hot sharp knife in my lower back just above my tailbone. On top of that, my right shoulder has given me problems since 2003 when it was dislocated. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep at night, I could barely walk, I was having to use my left hand to do things (and I am right handed) and was starting to have headaches.
I went in to see Dr. Weatherley and he did a very thorough exam on me but did not adjust me on my first visit. He told me that he needed to do some homework to make sure he did the best for me that he could. I had to unfortunately endure my pain for the entire weekend before getting back in to see Dr. Weatherley on Monday. When Dr. Weatherley showed me what he had gone over and what I had going on, I was amazed. His explanation was so complete and understandable that it made a lot of things I had going on for quite some time making sense. I finally understood why I felt the way I did. After the first adjustment, I had RELIEF!!! I have continued to get better and better each and every week, not only because of the adjustments Dr. Weatherley is doing but because I am doing what he tells me I need to do in order to make it work.
I was on the path for surgery had I not taken the necessary steps with Dr. Weatherley. I am only 44 years old and a new grandmother. I don’t have time, nor do I want to end up in surgery. I have better and more important things to do with my time.
Thanks to Dr. Weatherley, I am healthier, happier and overall just BETTER. It is like Dr. Weatherly told me, if your car has something wrong with it; you take it to get it fixed. Well, if your body has something wrong and it can be fixed, then why wait for it just to quit altogether.

 by Leon Havens

My daughter is a patient at Natural State Clinic and had been trying to get me to make an appointment to see if they might be able to help me too. I have been dealing with severe pain in my neck and lower back for several years. It got so bad that I could not do things around the house and on the farm that I used to do. It was even difficult to get on and off my tractor. I have been to multiple doctors and tried several medications but nothing helped. The pain and stiffness just continued to get worse. Since getting treatment from Dr. Weatherley, I have been able to do a lot of things that I was unable to do, especially around our home and on our farm. My wife has even said that it is hard to keep up with me now since I am moving around so much better. Dr. Weatherley and Kimberly were truly concerned about my condition and provided excellent care for me. I tell everybody that has neck, back or any other problems that they should go to Natural State Clinic to see if they can help them as much as they have helped me.

 by Kristen Burge

I was in the eighth grade when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Though this condition is not uncommon, my case is particularly unique because of a boney fusion in the lower part of my neck that has been there from birth. The fusion is what caused scoliosis in other areas of my spine. Since some of the bones in my neck grew together, it really limited my ability to move my head and lead to significant pain in my spine. I had been told over and over that surgery was not an option because of the location of the fusion causing my scoliosis.
When I began treatment with Dr. Weatherley, I had already been to several other doctors, including numerous visits to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. I suffered from severe back and neck pain due to the location and severity of my scoliosis. Dr. Weatherley explained to me that he would do everything in his power to help me. He took x-rays of my spine and neck to determine if anything could be done to help me (I had been given little or no hope from any other doctor I had previously seen.)
During the consultation with him, I informed him that I had been taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen and other over the counter drugs nearly every day due to my back pain. He expressed concern about how much I had been taking just to get through the day and explained the danger of damaging my liver and kidneys and that he would do his best to help me so I would not have to take so many drugs.
Once Dr. Weatherley had studied my x-rays, he told me that there was hope for me! What a relief! He told me there were no guarantees, but that he wanted to try and help me. Not only did he work on my back, but I was also given exercises to help keep my spine healthy and mobile.
Each time I have gone in for an appointment at Natural State Clinic, Dr. Weatherley and his assistant Sherah, have been more than welcoming to me. They understand that I, like many other patients, have a very busy schedule and they work with me to find a convenient time for me to come in. Only one time that I came in for a visit did I wait more than ten minutes to be called in for treatment.
Since I have begun treatment at Natural State Clinic, I have definitely seen improvements. I take very little over the counter drugs compared to before and for me, that is such a relief. Dr. Weatherley has helped me so much and showed me how to correctly care for my spine so I can continue to improve even after I am finished with treatment. Although I still have my rough days, (as I always will) I actually feel normal and can do things that I have not been able to since my back began to bother me! For someone who has gone from not being able to sit or stand for more than fifteen minutes without suffering from back pain to returning to normal daily activities is such a miraculous improvement.
I would definitely recommend anyone with spinal problems to Natural State Clinic! The care you receive there is incomparable to any other clinic I have ever visited (and I've visited MANY). Not only is the staff extremely patient and helpful to everyone, but when they say they want to help people, they really do mean it! Dr. Weatherley has made a tremendous difference in my back through his care and I can never thank him enough. His extensive studying and concern has helped me see and feel hope!

 by Katie Mack

I am 22 years old and for about the last 6 years I have suffered from back pain. Mostly back, neck, and knee pain which at times was excruciating. I would have trouble walking, breathing, sleeping, and even holding my head up. I played sports year round so I always attributed the pain to playing tough. However, high school graduation came and went and I was still in pain without any sports activity. I went to my general doctor who prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs but they were too hard on my stomach to take daily. When I told him this he told me that I had no other options. I was upset because I thought I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life and I was not even 20! So I just took over the counter pain medications like Advil and Tylenol but decided the risk of damage to my liver was too significant to keep on this regimen. So I started college and could barely walk up and down stairs without grimacing, severe back pain and neck pain that I tried to have massaged out which only gave temporary relief. Life was not fun!
Years passed and I “played through the pain” then my mom was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was reading through the newspaper and found Dr. Weatherly’s ad for a free seminar about fibromyalgia. I showed it to her and she agreed to go. I never dreamed he could be of any help to me. So she went to the seminar and began adjustments with Dr. Weatherly. She spoke highly of him and his method and asked me to go for my pains. I was a little skeptical but she really believed it would benefit me. So I went and did my consult. I was also impressed with his treatment method and honesty. Then I received my initial x-ray results and I was stunned!! My back and neck were not in the right position and it was EASY to see where the pain was coming from. He also found what appeared to be a broken vertebra but luckily it was not in danger of damaging surrounding ones. All this time and pain and all I needed were x-rays to reveal the problems! I have been receiving adjustments and I can feel a definite difference. I still have days of pain but overall I am feeling much better and happier. I recently had knee surgery to cure the problem that Dr. Weatherly could not control and my quality of life has improved. I am not a 22 year old that feels 44 anymore! I have recommended Dr. Weatherly to others I know who I feel could also benefit from his help. And I thank my mom for encouraging me to go. I guess the saying holds true, “Mother knows best!!”

 by Kandus Chandler

I first met Dr. Weatherley when he stopped by my office asking questions about the area my office was located in.  He introduced himself and explained he was doing research to help him choose an area to open his clinic.  During his visit to my office, my impression of Dr. Weatherley was that of a dedicated professional wanting to actually help people, not just relieve symptoms.  Much to my surprise, I later received a letter thanking me for my time during his visit, including an invitation to visit his office. 

     Having had chiropractic care in the past, I was a bit reluctant to start the "treatment" process all over again.  I've been treated for years, but the symptoms always come back.  However, after the initial examination and detailed discussions with Dr. Weatherley, I was very confident he would be able to help me.  I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail, as well as his office environment and staff.

     Since my teenage years, I have been experiencing  burning in my shoulders, as well as lower back pain.  I have also had problems with my fingers going numb while sleeping, to the point of waking me up with incredible pain.  I learned to live on low hours of sleep, due to the numbing of my fingers and constant lower back pain.  I also suffered from frequent headaches.

     Once Dr. Weatherley started treating me I began to notice things improving.  I now have NO burning in my shoulders.  My headaches have become almost non-existent, and the lower back pain has improved drastically.  Best of all, I can now get a full nights sleep; no more waking up with my fingers going numb!

     I have been very impressed with Dr. Weatherley and the staff as I've gone through the treatment process.  They are always friendly and do all they can to accommodate my schedule.  Encountering this office has been a blessing to me, and to my family.  I have a better "quality of life" and can enjoy my days and nights knowing I don't have to live the rest of my life in pain. 

   I would highly recommend anyone experiencing problems similar to mine to visit Dr. Weatherley.  It could change your life!

 by Joe Bill Stewart

My main problem was hip pain. It felt like I had a pinched nerve that was causing extremely bad pain to the point I kept crutches around to help me walk when it would get to hurting to much. I have been dealing with it for several years and was getting worse. I also have had neck and shoulder pain for 20 plus years and low back pain for 10-15 years.

Over the years I have seen several doctors to try and get some relief. They told me they could give me shots in my neck and if that did not work, they could do surgery. They never found anything wrong with my shoulders even though I was hurting. They did find that I had some arthritis in my hips. Over the years I have used several drugs that were supposed to help (Vioxx for hips and arthritis, along with muscle relaxers and pain pills).

Since being treated by Dr. Weatherley I have noticed great improvement. My neck moves better and my shoulders don’t have near as many sharp pains in them. My hips are getting better all the time. X-rays don’t lie either – I could see a difference when comparing the first set of x-rays and the re-evaluation x-rays.

The staff always treated me excellent. They were always very friendly and very encouraging, plus they were always ready to help. Dr. Weatherley was very professional and was very good at explaining what is going on with my spine. He took time to explain my x-rays to me and just talk. Everyone really seemed to care about me. Plus, they are open till 6:00pm which allowed me to continue working while I got the care I needed.

I have a couple of DOs in my family, plus I have been to a lot MDs over the years and I would rate them right at the top! He is very professional, honest and friendly. If he can not help you he is going to tell you and that is worth a whole lot to me. I may not be at 100% but I am definitely better than I was.

 by Gradean Burge

Since Dr. Weatherley has been treating me I’ve had a “Total Makeover!” My life has changed dramatically and my overall health has improved. I have improved physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have tremors and delayed dystonia that were caused by a brain injury 50 years ago which have improved significantly. This improvement has led me to be a much happier person. My faith has grown stronger with the changes in my life.

Because Dr. Weatherley has allowed God to use his life and his practice to glorify him, I’ll forever praise His name for placing Dr. Weatherley in my life. I know I’m the person God planned me to be.

The muscles in my shoulders are so much more relaxed than I can remember. Its wonderful! I feel so good! Sometimes I think I’m floating on “Cloud 9.” My arms feel like they could take off flying because the tension in my shoulders has been relieved. All because of the skilled hands of Dr. Jim Weatherley, I can enjoy life to the fullest.

Another thing that adds to Dr. Weatherley’s credit as a skilled and competent chiropractor is his ability to adjust his treatments to the individual needs of his patients. I have had Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery; therefore I have wires running from implants in my brain down through my neck to pace-maker like generators on my chest. Because of this, Dr. Weatherley treats me with great care so as to not disturb the wires. He even called my neurologist at UAMS to let her know that he was treating me.

Although the DBS helped me immensely with the tremors in my hands, it was still very difficult for me to write. Because of the adjustments that I’ve received at Natural State Clinic my fine motor control is much better. It’s amazing! It’s so much easier to write now. I write and write. I have always liked to journal and send cards to my friends. I really enjoy scrapbooking. I can now read what I’ve written, fill out forms while staying on the lines, and my check register is easier to keep! I’ve had problems with depression and that has even gotten better. The world is a much brighter and happier place. I would not be able to experience it if I had not met Dr. Weatherley.

I’m always greeted when I come in by sweet, smiling Kimberly. She is always interested in the stories I have to tell and the pictures I’ve taken. Dr. Weatherley, as well, has a listening ear to hear what I’ve done since my last visit. He always answers my questions with knowledgeable expertise. They always send me on my way feeling so good that guarantees a pleasant rest of the day.

Thanks, to the both of you!

Gradean Burge

P.S. If you have a flat and are anywhere around Dr. Weatherley, he can get you back on the road! As I drove up to my appointment one very hot, humid day, I got out of my car and heard the dreaded noise of air escaping a tire very rapidly. I went in the clinic and told Dr. Weatherley of my predicament, without a second thought, he said to come on in and after my adjustment he would go out and change it for me. He did just that! It goes to show God has placed angels here on earth. You don’t have to look too hard to see Dr. Weatherley’s halo!

 by Glynis Dayberry

My family and I thank God each and every day for sending the information to me through the newspaper about Dr. Weatherley and the fibromyalgia clinic being held here in Conway.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999 of which I suffered with pain and problems for a few years prior to the diagnosis.

For the next 12 years I was human pin cushion. I was prescribed pain meds; muscle relaxants, steroids, anti depressants, and neuropathic drugs. None of which truly helped with my pain and some caused other problems such as weight gain, etc. I personally prefer not to walk around in a fog cased by medications and would repeatedly request from my physician to refer me to someone whom could help me feel better and enjoy my life and my family time instead of giving me medication which enabled me from family time due to being too tired, in too much pain, or too medicated.

I have a large loving family and thanks to Dr. Weatherley and his amazing staff I am now able to enjoy time with them and the wonderful hugs we all love to deliver and receive.

I now have the ability to play with my four year old grandson, which is one hundred percent boy.

I can now get out of the bed instead of working my way out .I can stand from being seated and not grown from pain. I can tie my shoes. Many may laugh but before I began treatment I was unable to do the simplest chores without hurting.

Thank you Dr. Weatherley and your wonderful staff for helping me regain my life back to being almost pain free.

 by George Reddin

I first visited Dr. Weatherley when I had a flare-up of an old condition. I had suffered from chronic back pain for a number of years, and physical exercise outside my daily routine would produce an elevated pain level. That daily routine was not helping matters. It is a sedentary schedule of desk work and driving to speaking engagements.

I have a cabin in the woods east of Bee Branch, and most of my physical exercise consists of carpentry work, cutting firewood, burning brush, mowing grass and whatever else is needed in maintaining the place. I made an appointment with Dr, Weatherley when an excruciatingly painful catch in my back occurred when I was cutting firewood at the cabin. I had laid down my chainsaw to begin loading wood onto my truck, and when I stood up, I could hardly walk. The pain had subsided somewhat when I came to the clinic a few days later, but I was still suffering.

I had undergone back surgery in 1988 to repair a ruptured disk, and I would go to my family doctor when I had recurring episodes of pain. It was the same every time. He would prescribe pain relievers and muscle relaxers and send me on my way. Any relief was only temporary. I was ready to try a new approach.

Dr. Weatherley was honest with me up front. He said he didn’t know if he could help me or not, but he said he would take some x-rays and run some other tests and then tell me if he thought he could give me any lasting relief. After studying the x-rays and the results of the tests, he pointed out to me what was causing my pain and suggested a treatment plan to correct or at least reduce the impact of those trouble spots.

It is working. I still experience pain when I overexert, but it is not as severe or long-lasting. He also took care of another problem I was experiencing but ignoring due to the more severe pain in my lower back. I had felt discomfort in my neck, shoulder and upper left arm for several months, and Dr. Weatherley’s treatments have eliminated that pain.

This is my first experience with a chiropractor, and I am now a believer. I am happy with the results achieved thus far, and I am pleased with the friendly, caring and common-sense approach of the staff of Natural State Chiropractic Clinic. I highly recommend them.

 by Ella Marie Barnard

When I first came to Dr. Weatherley, I had pain in my back and had to have my husband help me walk because I could not keep my balance. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and actually hurt all over my body and nothing had helped me. I had been suffering for about three years with these pains. I could not even do house hold chores anymore. I tried all kinds of drugs and saw several doctors, but never could get them to address my real problem.

At Natural State Clinic I was treated with kindness by the staff and they really seemed to care about me and my problem. The care was a lot different from what I expected. I loved the gentleness of Dr. Weatherley. He knew all of the places I hurt without me even telling him.

My results with the care I have received from Dr. Weatherley have been amazing! I can really tell a difference! I can now fix meals for my family. Not only that, but I can now stay up and eat with them! I can even go shopping now. My husband has had to do all of this for the past three years because I was unable to help. My health had declined to the point that I had to use oxygen most of the day just to breath. I very rarely have to use my oxygen during the day now, and my husband does not have to walk beside me to keep me from falling anymore!

I am sold on Dr. Weatherley. I am not afraid to recommend him to anyone, and I do! He is the best for me.

 by Donald W. Hill

I had suffered many years with pain along my whole spine but really bad between my shoulders and in my low back. For the last four or five years it has been what I would call severe pain and getting worse. Several years ago I had to give up fishing because it just hurt too much after I would go. I could not bend over to pick up anything or even stand very long due to the pain I was suffering from.

Over the last eight or ten years I have seen an orthopedic doctor and was always treated with shots or pain pills, but that only gave me temporary relief from my pain. The shots would help for a few days but then wear off and now they don’t help at all. I also went to a neurosurgeon and he referred me to a physical therapist for eight weeks of therapy. The physical therapist worked with me and gave me some exercises to do. He gave me some relief but my pain was still severe at the end the eight weeks and the exercises were to hard for me to do.

My wife had gone to Dr. Weatherley for her low back pain and was very pleased with what he had done to help her. After seeing how well she had done and seeing the results she got, I asked Dr. Weatherley if he might be able to help me too.

I am eighty years old and was afraid that I would not be able to tolerate the adjustments because of the degeneration in my spine. Dr. Weatherley said that he would be very gentle and try to make it as comfortable as he could. I finally decided to give him a chance and see if he could help me or not.

When I went into the room for the first adjustment I could hardly stand the pain in my back, but when I left the room after Dr. Weatherley adjusted my spine, I can truthfully say, ninety percent (90%) of my pain was gone.

He asked me the other day if I was going to go fishing in the spring and I told him yes as soon as I get a new fishing rod. I never thought I would have this much relief from my pain.

I would, and have, recommended Dr. Weatherley to anyone who suffers from back pain.

 by Debra Robinson

I went to see Dr. Weatherley for pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders that had been bothering me for quite a while and did not seem to be getting any better. I have dealt with pain in my neck and between my shoulders on and off for ten years. Recently, I had been experiencing episodes of low back pain as well. My medical doctor prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers for my low back pain which seemed to help the low back but did not help the problem I was having in my neck and between my shoulders.

Dr. Weatherley was very thorough; he even showed me exercises and stretches for my condition. I felt very educated about my condition and Dr. Weatherley was very good at explaining the plan he had put together on how to correct my problem. He is very knowledgeable! I also had been having an ear ache a lot but my medical doctors never could find anything wrong. They even did a CAT scan to see what was going on but they said there was nothing that they could find that could be causing the problem. After starting treatment with Dr. Weatherley, I almost never have an ear ache anymore. The whole experience has been such a blessing to me.

I was impressed with the staff as well. I never felt like I was rushed in and out, and they were always friendly and were very good to answer questions for me.

After just a month or two I could tell how much I had been helped. Not only did it help my pain so much, but I found it to be very relaxing. I enjoyed everything about the care I received at the clinic.

I feel like my results were terrific. I have not had neck and shoulder pain for quite sometime now, eight or nine months! I have to say – I have a much better quality of life due to the care I have received.

 by David Richard

When I first came to Natural State Clinic I was experiencing neck stiffness and lower back pain. I have suffered from these symptoms for many years. Over the years I have seen other chiropractors and gotten numerous massages but nothing gave me any lasting relief. I have also had my fair share of Aleve and Motrin 800 trying to manage the problems.

My neck now moves much better, and a lot less stiffness in my low back. I am more relaxed and have more energy now.

The staff at NSC was great in every way! They are very professional and to the point. The only thing I didn’t like about the care was the traffic getting there!

I would recommend this clinic over everyone in this town because I have been there and done that!

 by Daura Crawley

I have had neck pain on and off for several years but had recently progressed to pain that radiated into my left arm. It had gotten to where it was a constant problem and I could not sleep because of it.

A lady that works with my husband recommended I see Dr. Weatherley because she thought he might be able to help me. I have seen a couple of different chiropractors over the years, but have never had one that explained what was wrong and what could be done to correct the problem. I always thought of chiropractors for just pain relief but Dr. Weatherley explained what he would do to correct the problem and teach me how to take care of it. The staff at the clinic were all very nice and considerate of my needs and schedule.

I have been very pleased with the results of my care and the consistent willingness of the staff to help me and care for me. My children and I sometimes travel with my husband, and they were very good about working with my schedule when we would be traveling.

I had great relief from my pain and arm problem but, more importantly, I have a better understanding of how to take care of my spine and maintain better health.

I would recommend Dr. Jim to anyone who needs or wants spinal treatment. He is the most thorough doctor I have ever seen, and I have gained a lot of valuable information for better health.

 by Danilia K. Trisollini

When I first came to the Natural State Clinic, I was experiencing pain in my mid-back area. Since developing a passion for bodywork, I’ve become increasingly aware of issues within my own body, leading me very quickly to the realization that the problem could be improved upon by chiropractic care. The clinic was in a very convenient location for me at the time, and since I had heard very little about it, I decided to take the chance. From 
the moment I came in the front door of the Natural State Clinic, I could tell that I had found a gem.
I was instantly impressed by the warm nature of the receptionist, and was likewise very warmly greeted by Dr. Weatherley. It didn’t take me long to decide that my intuition was correct. He went above and beyond to find the root of the problem and develop a treatment plan to improve the whole body, not just to alleviate the symptoms that were troubling me. He very carefully explained his process, showed me how things DID look as opposed to how we WANTED them to look, and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I was a little nervous at first after seeing my x-rays. I expected only a few 
minor problems here and there, and that he would have to point the problem areas out to me, but that was not the case at all. I could tell that there were big problems without hearing a word: the “curve” of my neck didn’t curve at all, and it looked like someone had grabbed the middle of my spine and twisted it forward. The fact that I could see these things registered in my mind as a very bad thing. After all, to be noticeable to someone with no training in radiology and limited medical experience, the problem must be pretty severe. Nonetheless, Dr. Weatherley was optimistic: an attitude that tends to be contagious.
The very first adjustment instantly alleviated the problem I was experiencing in my mid-back, granting me relief from what had become a relatively constant pain. Many people might think to stop there: no pain, no problem. Thankfully, this is not the approach at the Natural State Clinic.
Adjustments continued, and as they did, I noticed a world of positive effects for my health as a whole. I even noticed a positive change in areas that I never realized were limited. Since treatment began, my sinus allergy symptoms have greatly improved, allowing me to slowly cut back on my regular medication. Especially around late summer and early autumn, I expect to end up with a sinus infection, but thus far I’m free and clear. I have also experienced a noteworthy increase in energy and general health that has gotten me through an especially chaotic schedule that I’m certain would have 
wiped me out prior to treatment. I’m even noticing that I recover faster now from my regular runs.
In addition to bodywork, I also have a passion for music, particularly opera. My vocal studio professor has noticed a great difference in my posture and breath support, and has many times commented on the increasing freedom of tone in my voice, especially when my appointments with Dr. Weatherley immediately precede my lessons. As I head into the high season of my performances, I am more confident and excited than ever to move forward with music.
I have deeply enjoyed every part of my treatment, and love the constant snowball of positive effects. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone seeking better health. The people are wonderful, and the care offered is simply the best I’ve experienced anywhere. To put it very simply, I think anyone could benefit in some way from this kind of care, and when choosing someone to improve your spinal health, why settle for anything but the best?

 by Carol Martinez

For over 10 years now I have had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and all the way down to my lower back. It had gotten worse over the years and I got to where I just could not sleep at night because of the pain.

I have been to several different doctors trying to find something that could help me. They would prescribe pain medicine but it only made me sick and they even did steroid shots in my back which only helped for a little while. The shots did not fix anything, and I think they caused me to gain weight. Nothing ever seemed to help me get better.

I read an article that Dr. Weatherley had in the paper about chiropractic and thought I would see if he could help me. His staff was wonderful from the beginning to the end. They were always kind and thoughtful. Dr. Weatherley told me that he thought he could help me and explained what he would be doing. I was a little scared at first because of the things I have heard about chiropractors but he was very gentle and explained everything he was doing. He was very gentle and kind and not one time was I ever afraid he was going to hurt me.

I noticed right away that I started to improve and now my pain is almost gone. I told Dr. Weatherley that it was difficult for me to even do the grocery shopping because after walking for 10 minutes I would have to sit down to let me back rest. My daughters wanted me to go shopping with them for Christmas and I was surprised because I was able to shop ALL day and my back did not bother me.

I have been so impressed at how much I have improved that I have even told my children to go and see him. I recommend anyone with back pain give Dr. Weatherley a chance to change your life – he has mine.

 by Candrea Travis

I started having migraines when I was seven years old and around the age of ten they stopped. About five years ago the migraines started again and I also started having low back pain on top of the headaches. All of the medicines that I tried did not seem to work anymore. A good friend of mine is a massage therapist and she recommended I get an appointment to see Dr. Weatherley to see if he might be able to help me.

About two weeks after I started treatment, I noticed a BIG change. I was still having small head aches, but no big migraines. That was a huge relief! I could not do anything when I was having a migraine. The pain I had in my back was better also. I could walk around in stores without having to sit down to take a break. I even noticed that I just felt better in general.

The staff at Natural State Clinic was very professional, yet friendly. They really work with their patients and take time to listen. They never seemed to rush me through the office and always made sure I was taken care of. The clinic has a very nice environment with fair treatment. You always feel very welcome and I always seemed to be more relaxed after going in for my appointments. I wouldn’t change a thing about the care I received! I was so pleased that I even got my fiancé to go see Dr. Weatherley.

 by Bobby Brummett

I have had back pain over the past fifteen years. I have never gone to the doctor to gety it looked at because I thought that it was just part of the aging process and I did not trust chiropractors, until I was introduced to Dr. Weatherley at the Natural State Clinic.
I met Dr. Weatherley when I went with my girl friend, Kim Richard, to her appointment. I was very impressed that he took the time to diagnose her problem. He took x-rays and thoroughly examined her and broke everything down so we could understand what was wrong with her back.
Since Dr. Weatherley took the time to diagnose the problem with Kim, I decided I would give him a try with my back and I have been pleasantly surprised. My back doesn’t bother me like it did before. I can now work and play without the problems I once had.
I am almost through with my treatments and most of my pain has been relieved. Thank you, Dr. Weatherley and your staff for all your work, I am very pleased with the results.

 by Betty Stevens

I started coming to see Dr. Weatherley because I was having pain in my lower back when I stood up from sitting or lying down. I was also experiencing pain across my shoulders when I was tired or stressed. My back pain had lasted only a week; however, I had experienced a similar episode about six months before. I have suffered from the pain in my shoulders for many years.

When my first episode occurred, I thought that I had simply pulled a muscle or something similar to that, and that after a day or two it would go away. After dealing with the pain for a couple of weeks I decided to see my family doctor about the problem. He prescribed muscle relaxers and a strong pain pill. When I started having the same problem about six months later I decided to take the medicine again. After not getting results, I decided to give Dr. Weatherley a try.

The staff at Natural State Clinic has been very polite, helpful, and respectful. It has been so easy to communicate with them. I love the results from the care that I am receiving. Four days after I began my treatment, I was able to make a bus trip to Branson in one day! I continue to feel better both in my lower back, and also in my shoulders.I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received, and would recommend Natural State Clinic to anyone having similar problems.

 by Barbara Thomas

I started having back problems off and on when I was in my twenties.
I developed an unstable disk in my fifties and saw a chiropractor for a couple of years. He would give me heat treatments and adjustments to put the disk back in place which would last a few days then it would pop out again. I was in constant pain for about two or three years. It finally got better and I thought it was just going to be a problem that I would have to learn to live with.
We moved to Conway in 2001 and I continued to deal with back pain on and off by taking muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs which worked pretty well.
About two months ago I started having daily headaches that started about mid-afternoon each day. The pain would increase until by bedtime it was so bad I couldn't do anything except take a pain pill and go to sleep. I saw my doctor and he said I was having muscular skeletal headaches and prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs which seemed to help a little but not much. I had been told during a routine bone scan that my neck was crooked but it didn't seem to bother me and I didn't know what I could do about it anyway.
I had a cruise to the Holy Land with my church group scheduled and I wasn't looking forward to having to live on pain medicine for two weeks but I was determined to do it if that was what it took because I wasn't going to miss any part of the trip.
Doctor Weatherly had been recommended to my husband for his back problems and he was very impressed with the care he was getting so he wanted me to see him also. I had about two weeks before I was to leave on my trip so I made an appointment. X-rays showed that my neck was a mess and I had three adjustments each week before I left. I only had one headache while I was on my trip and that was one day that was filled with activity from about seven am until eight pm. I am so thrilled with my progress and will continue to have adjustments on a regular basis. Dr. Weatherly has made me pain free.

 by Audrey Farley

Who knew the fibromyalgia could be manageable with very little medicine?
Well I am a testament to that but a word to the wise, when Dr. Weatherley gets you back in shape, and he will, don’t be a dummy and overdo just because you can move with very minimal pain.
When I first came to doc’s office, I could barely move without pain and was humped over like a humpbacked whale. I now am straight and can kick up my hells with joy that I can do so. However, if you overdo some activities, just because you feel so good, you can also undo the hard work doc has done, not smart, I did just that but he puts me back in shape and scolds me. What can I say, when you feel sooo good after all the years of pain, you want to try to catch up to all those things you couldn’t do. That’s ok as long as you do it in moderation.
If you have fibro and want to have most of your quality of life back, just come here and you will be totally amazed. Don’t expect miracles, because everyone is different, but most everyone will benefit from doc and the two lovely assistants.
Dr. Weatherley has given me a better quality of life and a better outlook on this nasty thing called FIBROMYALGIA. Don’t get me wrong I still have “ bad” days but they re fewer and longer times are good days.

 by April K. Emery

I have had lower back pain since I was 12 years old. Over the years I have seen several doctors, and they would take x-rays but would always tell me nothing was wrong.

I had just started seeing a chiropractor in another town but then moved. My husband wanted me to find one here in Conway and he made an appointment with Dr. Weatherley for me. I was impressed with how well the staff and Dr. Weatherley listened to what I had to say and could tell he really cared about my problem. He did not promise to help me but he did say he would do all he could. He examined me and took x-rays of my spine and told me he needed to have some time to study them to see if he could help me or not, and if he could help me he would explain what it would take.

Dr. Weatherley carefully explained what he had found and why I was having so much pain. I began treatment and was surprised at how much better I felt. I used to avoid doing housework and was not able to play with my daughter due to pain but now I can run around with her and even get in the floor and play with her. I enjoy walking for exercise and now I can do it again. I even use a stationary bike with no pain now.

My husband and I are very pleased with my progress and the way we are treated by the staff and Dr. Weatherley. I have already told friends about the clinic and will continue to do so.

 by Andrew P. Richmond

For more than 4 years I had been dealing with a burning pain between my shoulder blades and I always woke up with a back ache. I was even having pain down my right leg that started at my knee and went into my foot when I would run or jog.

A lady that I work with recommended I go see Dr. Weatherley because she thought he might be able to help me. I am glad she did because the results have been great. I no longer have the burning in my shoulders. I even had numbness down the back of my right arm and Dr. Weatherley said that should improve and he was right – it does not bother me at all now. I don’t wake up with back pain anymore and I am able to play sports without hurting now. My whole spine just feels better now.

I could really tell how much thought went into figuring out what my problems were and how to help me. I consistently improved and I am very pleased with the results I obtained.

Natural State Clinic is a very friendly and thorough clinic. You owe it to yourself to get checked to see if they can help you as much as they have helped me. I believe that so strongly that I am trying to get my mother and my wife in to see him.

 by Amy Roys

I had been seeing another Chiropractor for my frequent headaches but not getting any relief and the headaches were becoming more frequent. I decided to change doctors and started seeing Dr. Weatherley in August of 2007.

Dr. Weatherley had discussed with me how the curvature (or lack of) of my neck was not normal. He showed me the films of my neck and explained that I didn’t have much curve anymore. This, combined with poor posture and bad habits, was causing my headaches. I also told him that I had been getting a “catch” in my hip.

After Dr. Jim started treating me I began to get relief. I was still having headaches but they became less frequent. He gave me exercises for my neck to start with, and later exercises for my back. When I first started coming to see him, I frequently traveled and would get a headache when driving and after my trips. I was really frustrated and was tired of taking Advil to help the pain. He showed me how to use a towel to help support my neck and improve the curve. He explained that since I travel a lot that I could use the towel when I was traveling and not have to worry about a different pillow everywhere that I stayed.

I feel so much better now. I only have one headache per month now and it goes away on its own. We are still working on getting rid of that one too.

I now have the “spring back in my step”. My husband and children are all patients of Dr. Weatherley. I am always recommending Dr. Weatherley to my friends. Actually, I tell anybody that will listen to me about how much he has helped me!

 by Alma Brooks

Having been one of the most active people in the country for the most of my life, I thought of everything except having failing health. About six years ago, shortly after my 60th birthday I realized I was in so much pain in my back and hip that my personal life was gone. I never wanted to go anywhere any more or do anything expect try to do my job. My right left and foot was numb and I was stumbling and falling all the time. I went to a specialist who did test and x-rays and told me I needed surgery to correct my neck and back problems. I am one to believe that surgery is a last resort, so I just went on my way in pain all the time.
I was self employed in the plant nursery business which is sometimes very strenuous work so I decided to sell the business and retire. I moved to Conway and soon found myself working again. This time I work for a big box store where my job is Live Nursery Specialist and is very easy. Had been self employed all my life so I thought this would give me something to do and not be so hard on my body. My pain continued and one day I told the store manager I thought I would have to retire again. I was in so much pain I decided I couldn't live like this. He asked me what I thought about seeing a Chiropractor. I told him I would see anybody and try about anything that he thought would help me. I had actually been to a Chiropractor before and after a few visits was told they couldn't do any more for me.
My store manager referred me to the "Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic" where I immediately made an appointment. That was the beginning of a new life for me. Within a week or so I was having less pain and after a month of treatment and adjustments I feel like a different person. As the visits and adjustments continue, I continue to improve.
I am so thankful to Dr. Jim Weatherley and his staff for giving me a new life with virtually no pain. I plan to continue to get adjustments for as long as there is positive results.
I wish everyone who has had back problems and related suffering as I have could experience what I have since I started letting Dr. Weatherley help me with my back. There are not enough words express how much better I feel.

 by Adam Southerland

My back had been bothering me for about a year and a half. Sometimes it was not too bad but at other times it was awful and made it very difficult to do my job. Over the last 4 months I had gotten to where I could not use my right shoulder very much and probably only had about 30% of the normal movement.

After starting treatment with Dr. Weatherley I noticed that my back was hurting less and my shoulder started working better. Now that I have finished my initial treatment, my shoulder is back to 100% with no pain and my low back pain has dropped significantly.

There is no question that they really care about their patients and that their health is the most important thing. They really worked with me to make sure I was able to get the care I needed.

This has been the best decision I have ever made as far as my health goes and recommend anyone with back pain (or any pain at all) see Dr. Weatherley. My only regret is that I did not make it in to see them sooner!

 by Jean Leffler

Years of pain and stiffness led me through years of physical therapy and medications. Each time, the therapies and medications provided short term relief but were not effective in the long term. Insurance limits coverage for physical therapy and I did not want to live on pain meds. I had tried chiropractic years ago in another state but treatment was rough and without compassion.
An advertisement for a free consultation with Dr. Weatherley brought me to Natural State Clinic several years ago - and that has made a great difference in my quality of life! At that time I was able to sleep in my bed for no more than a few hours at a time and was limited in positioning to laying on my left side only - nothing was comfortable. Backing my car out of a parking place was dangerous as I had trouble looking over my shoulder.
During a recent visit to Dr. Weatherley, he reminded me of how far I have come since my initial visit to his office, and that is the reason for this testimony.
I visit Natural State Clinic about every four weeks for an adjustment. Through this continuing treatment I am able to sleep positioned on either side comfortably and am able to spend all night in my bed. Backing out of parking places is much safer now that I can turn my head far enough to look for obstacles behind me. That's a good thing for you too!
Yes, I still have muscle weakness and neuropathy but my quality of life is better on a regular basis than I could have imagined in the early days of my treatment. I am so thankful for the improvement and the maintenance of my skeleton!
The atmosphere in the Natural State Clinic is always warm and friendly, respectful and caring. If I am in pain between regularly scheduled visits I know that I can call and get an appointment almost immediately - that is greatly appreciated.
There are plenty of chiropractors in the greater Conway area but if you are looking for a capable, careful, compassionate, and knowledgeable, chiropractor who pays attention to your complaints and concerns then researches those problems, I would highly recommend that you make your next appointment right here at Natural State Clinic with Dr. Weatherley. Remember that one treatment can bring some immediate relief but to truly fix the problem takes maintenance! There is no better place to bring your bones for maintenance than here!

 by Louise Mason

When a person reaches the age of 70, which I have done recently, I suppose she can expect some aches and pains even without traumatic injuries to ones body. But having fractured a hip at 16, breaking a leg at 35, fracturing an ankle at 59, hyper extending a knee at 67, and getting run down by a man on bicycle and having him run over my foot about three years ago, I was experiencing a little more than a few aches and pains. The pain in my hip caused me to avoid sitting on a sofa or a soft chair because it would take me several minutes to work out the pain in my hip and knee when I got up. I tried to walk for exercise which increased the pain in my knee more than it decreased my weight. If I stretched while in bed at night, a cramp in my leg or foot was guaranteed. this caused me to have to get up and walk around to relieve the pain.
I had options, I could go to a medical doctor and receive advice to live with the pain and take NSAIDS..... been there, done that, I have stomach problems as proof. Or I could see a chiropractor whom I knew could help me, virtually without medication. I chose the latter. But where to go? Picking a name out of the phone book didn't seem like a good idea. I knew that the brother of one of my friends in my church was a chiropractor in Little Rock. So I asked him to ask his brother if he would recommend someone in Conway. He recommended Dr. Jim Weatherley, which proved to be one of the best recommendations I have ever been given.
My progress has far exceeded my expectations. After about six months of treatment, I sit wherever I please and get up and walk away with a minimum of pain. I go to a fitness center two or three times a week and walk the track and work out on different exercise equipment, again with a minimum of pain. I no longer have cramps in my legs and feet at night. I no longer feel 70, I feel more like I did when I was 40 or younger. In this life, I may not be totally free of pain, especially having experienced the injuries I have, but I am a lot closer than I was. And Dr. Weatherley is not through with me yet.
The people at Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic are caring, compassionate, and professional. They make a person feel special. I highly recommend Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic, and who knows, you might win a very nice gas barbecue grill.

 by Sandra Gray

Since I have been coming to Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic with Dr. Weatherley back in July, I have been feeling better with my overall back and neck. My right had had very little range of motion but now I can move my without pain.
I have had less pain in my neck and back. Dr. Weatherley is very considerate of my concerns and he listens to my complaints and says in time it will get better and so far he is right.
I would and have recommended others to come and see Dr. Weatherley.

 by L.C. Keathley

My name is L.C. Keathley. I was experiencing back and hip pain and was unable to get out of the bed without help from a cane. I have visited many chiropractors through my life time. I realized that I needed help to overcome this painful problem. I contacted the office of Dr. Jim Weatherley. The office staff was very helpful in arranging an appointment. On the first visit, Dr. Weatherley explained his procedure and how he might could help me. After looking at my records and deciding the best treatment plan for me, he presented that to me and I decided to follow his recommendations. Since February until the present time, I have seen much improvement. I am now able to get out of bed without help and have much less pain. My intentions are to follow a regular schedule to avoid further pain.

 by Kim Richard

My name is Kim Richard and I came to see Dr. Weatherley in March of 2010. I was very eager to figure out what was going on with my back. I am 43 years old and sometimes felt like I was 60.
I was not going to let anyone touch me without x-rays. My quality of life has not been good for years. I have suffered with headaches, lower back pain, and did not know where it was coming from or why. My brother, David Richard, whom is a patient as well, told me several times that I needed to go see Dr. Weatherley.
On February 14, 2010, I went to put clothes in the washer and dryer, and when I stood up I felt a pop. I could not stand straight up the pain was so severe. All I could think of was something is wrong! As the day went on the pain got worse. Finally I told my significant other that I needed to go to the emergency room, so he loaded me up and away we went. When we went in to see the doctor, I asked for an x-ray and he said there was no need. He wrote me a prescription for pain pills and asked if I wanted a shot for the pain. I declined. It took me a week to get over that particular episode.
Once I could walk I made up my mind to come and see what Dr. Weatherley could do. He took the time to hear my concerns, asked the right questions, and acted like he cared. He was very honest and told me he would help me if he could. After taking the x-rays and doing his homework, he made his diagnosis and here I am.
My quality of life is almost back to where it was when I was in my thirties! If you do what you are told you cannot go wrong. My only regret was that Dr. Weatherley was not in practice twenty years ago. I might not have had some of the female surgeries that I have had.
I thank you so much Dr. Weatherley for giving me myself back. Also I want to say behind every good doctor is a great assistant. Kimberly is outstanding, very easy to work with and is a delight to be around.

 by Beverly Langford

On Easter Sunday of 2010, I happened upon an article in a newspaper about a doctor, a chiropractor, who was going to give a class about fibromyalgia at the local library. I had just been diagnosed with fibro and I was trying to research it as much as possible. The class was several days away and typical for me, since I live about an hour away from the library, I almost talked myself out of going. I was tired after working all day and didn’t really feel like driving at night or adding that “one more thing to do” to my day. Right up until time to leave, I couldn’t make up my mind about going but something in my heart said “do it.” So I went.

I believe the Lord puts people where they need to be when they need to be there. I needed to be there that night to meet Dr. Weatherley. I don’t say this lightly, I have suffered from chronic pain for 20 years. I have had multiple injuries to my body over my lifetime. Some of my most severe injuries came from car wrecks and some came from, let’s just call it, a pretty “energetic” childhood. Everything from training and racing horses to racing motorcycles left me with two broken arms, a broken leg, wrist, hand, ankle, fingers, ribs and nose. I also had multiple torn muscles, displaced ribs, and countless less abusive injuries. I always knew that I would have to pay for all of those injuries as I grew older. Also, I would probably have some pain to deal with. When the pain started, I tried to manage it on my own for a few years. When it got to become too much for me, I started going to doctors for help. Pain pills, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories were a daily part of my diet but they never really helped with the pain either. I went back to doctors for more help. Then the surgeries started. I had knee surgery, a full c-section hysterectomy, and bladder reconstruction. After those surgeries still didn’t help me, I was told in order to gain relief, I would need to have a radical breast reduction surgery done. So, I did that too. I was at the point where pain was taking control of my whole life. I was never out of pain. I couldn’t even get away from it in my sleep because I couldn’t get more than a few hours of sleep at a time. The pain was crippling.

I was seeing doctor after doctor for help. I was doing everything they said would work for me but everything I did just made me hurt that much worse. Finally, something had to be done before I ended up in a wheelchair. I changed my family doctor and started over “again” to try to find some answers.

After several visits to this new MD, and me feeling like a hypochondriac, AGAIN, because I had to list all my complaints and tell him why at age 45 I felt like someone who was closer to 85. I was sick of people telling me that I was either too young to hurt this bad or people telling that with age, since I was not as young as I used to be, there would be some pain to have to live with. My list of symptoms read like a novel. I was in tears while I was reading them out loud because even thought they were my symptoms, I couldn’t help but think on one would believe me. I had chronic widespread pain, fatigue, chest pain to the point of thinking I was having mini heart attacks, trouble breathing, trouble sleeping, trouble eating because of jaw pain, stomach problems because of all the anti-inflammatories I was told to take, and if that wasn’t enough, I had developed allergies that I had never had before. I felt like my bones, muscles, joints and now organs were just “shutting down”. After many tests were run over several weeks I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I didn’t even know what that was and the doctor didn’t really try to explain it to me. I was prescribed medications. After taking several kinds and several “plays” with dosages I was able to tolerate some.

After a couple of months taking the med’s, I STILL HURT. I was put on an even higher dosage of medication time to work and if it didn’t we could then explore the possibility that something “physical” might be wrong.

So, on my own, I went to this class on fibromyalgia to see if I could find out what is was and see if living with pain was just going to be my life from now on.

The class started and Dr. Weatherly spoke. Even though the room was full of other people, I felt like he was speaking just to me. To me, about me, describing me and my pain better than anyone else had ever done before. He said there was a physical reason for my pain. A problem, that in most cases, he could help correct.

This was what I had been trying to find now for so many years! My spine, my back pain, was the source of all my pain. My back, the one thing no other doctor would look at even though I had begged then to do so. The other thing that amazed me was his description of the nerves that go from your spine to various parts of the body. When the spine is damaged it causes nerve damage, and get this…


I could hardly believe my pain could be something fixable after all this time. After class, Ms. Kimberly was there, with her explosive smile, to schedule an appointment for me. At his office, I was treated like I was the only patient in that practice. I felt like Dr. Weatherly sincerely cared about me and wanted to help me. He didn’t treat me like I was crazy. He was very informative and easy to understand. After taking x-rays he said he had to do his “homework” to see if he could help me.

At the consultation appointment, we went over his findings. I had never had any other doctor take that much time to explain what was going on. He explained what he found was wrong with me and what he felt needed to be done. Actual answers to actual problems I could see for myself on x-ray. That was golden information for me because for once and for all, I knew this was not just in my head. Better still, someone else knew it too.

I can’t change the face that I have damage and that I have fibro. I can say however, that I have found answers and help with management of pain. In just a few months my quality of life has so vastly improved that I feel like a new person. Now I have good days, sometimes several in a row. Something I could not even imagine just a few short months ago.

I know that no one can ‘magically’ fix me and that I have to do the hard work to help myself on a daily basis like yoga for flexibility and exercises for strength. But if you ask me, Dr. Weatherly is as close to being magical as they come. He has a true gift for what he does because he really cares about the person first. He always has time for me. He is always there to help me with whatever my “pain of the day” might be or a concern that I might have. I am so grateful to have found him and honestly believe he has given me my life back.

At the beginning of 2010, I made a new year’s resolution to do whatever it took to get some answers. Now having found the person to fulfill that, I have already made plans for next year. I plan on enjoying all the things that I have missed because of pain.

I now tell family, friends, and even complete strangers in line at the store if they mention the word “pain” that….

“I have a chiropractor that can fix that”. Then if they start to tell me why they don’t need help for their pain, I just tell them they have to make their own decisions about their pain. But as for me…


 by Sabrina Ratcliffe

When I first came to see Dr. Weatherley I was experiencing migraines, tension headaches, and lower back pain. I was even unable to walk normally because of the pain. I had suffered from the headaches for about 12 years and the lower back pain for about 8. I had been to the emergency rooms, had numerous tests done, had pain medicines, muscle relaxers and even been given migraine medicines.

I have been HEADACHE FREE and my lower back pain isn’t an issue anymore!! I loved the fact that Dr. Weatherley explained each “piece of the puzzle” and the staff at NSC has always been friendly and informative. If you are experiencing any of the same problems I was, I would definitely give them a chance!

 by Jodel Hulls

I went to see Dr. Weatherley because I had severe lower back pain that had been going on for about 5 years. It had gotten so bad that I was unable to do my everyday activities. Not only did I have the lower back pain, but I was also having pain in my neck which kept my shoulders very tense all the time.

Dr. Weatherley explained to me why I was having so much pain and what he thought was causing my problem. When I first started treatment they would do therapy to get my muscles to relax, which did help and then the doctor would adjust me. As I progressed and my condition began to improve, I did not need therapy anymore and Dr. Weatherley showed me several things I could do at home to help me take care of my back that would keep me from having the same problem later on in life. I discussed with him that I wanted to get back to working out and he even helped me with my exercise routine. He explained what exercises would be best to support and stabilize my spine and which ones would be bad for me and possibly cause problems. Plus, he showed me how to modify different exercises so I would not undo what had been done to help me.

I now have NO lower back pain what so ever which had been preventing me from doing everyday activities – now I can live my life without pain.

One of the things that impressed me the most was how I was always treated with respect, which made me very comfortable discussing any problem with the doctor – even very personal problems. The staff and doctor were very compassionate about my condition and they appeared to have the same compassion with all of the patients.

The experience of going to a chiropractor was totally changed for me when I started going to Natural State Clinic. It was like going to see a friend who really cares, someone you can say anything to and will listen to see if anything you have said will help him to help you on your way to a sound and stable body.

 by Dellarie St. Louis

My name is Dellarie St. Louis and this is my story of my experience at Natural State Clinic. I am a 27 year old mom visiting from Canada. After being here for a week, I started having terrible headaches, like I usually do. I decided to find a Chiropractor here since I would get adjusted regularly back home. I happen to drive by Natural State Clinic near my home and decided to go in, which ended up being the best thing I have ever done for my spine!

I was welcomed by pleasant staff and was made to feel at home by Dr. Jim. I explained my situation and after Dr. Jim studied pictures of my spine he discovered I had a spinal injury from a car accident I was in three years ago. He started treatment immediately to correct the problem, rather than just treating me for pain relief. Dr. Jim took time to explain and teach to me what was going on with my spine and how to take better care of it.

At first, I was treated 3 times a week, so the Doctor saw alot of me and my two little girls that are 2 and 3 years old. Even when my girls were running around and being noisy, I always felt welcomed. Not only did I receive treatment to correct my spine problem that would better my future but I also made a friend. I never once felt rushed, and Dr. Jim took time to talk about the treatment, to the weather, to plans I had on the weekend. He took time to talk to my girls and would even allow them to have a “ride” on the table.

Although there were days I would have sore spots or discomfort from being adjusted my headaches are no where near what they were. Now I am on my way back to Canada and unfortunately the Doctor will not come back with me so I can finish treatment, but instead he made notes on the care I received in his office and my condition so I would be able to provide the information to a chiropractor in Canada which will allow me to finish the prescribed treatment.

Dr. Jim has touched my life in a significant way that I will never forget. Thank you Dr. Jim. I would refer anyone I knew to Natural State Clinic, it changed my life.

 by Annita Blasioli

I had suffered with pain in my shoulders off and on for the last twenty years. However, in the last three to four years my right shoulder had become so painful I could not reach or lift much at all without enduring a throbbing pain that stayed with me for several days at a time.
My daughter introduced me to Dr. Jim Weatherley when she joined his staff at Natural State Clinic. She was certain Dr. Weatherley could help me with my shoulder problem. Dr. Weatherley listened to what I had to say and did an exam followed by X-rays. He explained in detail the problems he found and what the X-rays revealed. He also told me that he thought he would be able to help me, so I began treatment.
At first, I was not thrilled with the adjustments. I was a little apprehensive to hear my bones '"pop and crackle" during the treatment, but now, I am pain free! I had also been experiencing a lot of indigestion which I attributed to '"age" and just a short time into my treatment I realized I had not had any indigestion for several weeks.
I am now near the end of my treatment with Dr. Weatherley and have to say chiropractic care has helped me beyond belief! Not only was I relieved of my shoulder pain, I can also say that I feel better over all.
I appreciate the care I have received and highly recommend Dr. Weatherley at Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic.

 by William Carter, Jr.

One day while reading the Log Cabin Democrat I noticed an advertisement extolling the advantages of chiropractic care.

I was experiencing lower back pain and muscle spasms at various times in my legs. After having open heart surgery (triple by-pass) in November 2006 walking was very uncomfortable and within three months I was supposed to be walking at least 1/4th pf a mile to 1 mile. This was not to be.

I live in Greenbrier at the bottom of Horseshoe Mountain and my mailbox is about 100 feet from the house going down a pretty good grade. By the time I returned to the house I was huffing, puffing and my lower back was tightened up along with leg cramps. My only relief was to sit down in my lazy boy and within a few minutes instant relief.

After about a month (12-16 sessions) I noticed that my walking seemed easier with less pain and was able to walk anywhere between an 1/8th of a mile and up to one mile at our community center. Walking distance varied at times due to an arthritic left knee.

Dr. Weatherley originally stated he could not guarantee results, but though I still have some discomfort there has been a 99% improvement. The other 1% I attribute to old age.

 by Briton Brooks

Briton is a 14 year old young man who has played baseball since he was 4, football and basketball since he was 6. For years I have teased him because he was always complaining of aches and pains in his legs, hips, and back. I told him he sounded like an old man. Briton also suffered from chronic diarrhea and nausea. We had been told that he was lactose intolerant and that he should just take Lactaid before eating. We tried this, but it didn't help.

Briton plays on a USSSA tournament baseball team in the summers, and this summer, he ended his season with severe knee pain. Not only was there pain, but there was also swelling and his knee would grind and lock up. This was a problem because the day after baseball ended full-pad football practice began. I took Briton to his doctor, who x-rayed his knee and sent us home saying it was nothing but a bruise; however, the swelling was persistent and the grinding and locking became more· severe. Briton feared that his football career had ended.

A friend of mine had read about Dr. Weatherley's special for $15 and she took her son into have a consultation. She told me how pleased she was with Dr. Weatherley's care, so, I thought it couldn't hurt to take Briton in to see him. We went through the regular consultation, x-rays, treatment plan, etc. And the most amazing thing happened when Briton received his first adjustment. The moment that Dr. Weatherley took his hands off of my son, Briton looked up and said, "Mom, my stomach doesn't hurt!" It had been the first time that he could remember not having nausea. The result of this was that Briton was very hungry, and ate more than I had ever seen him eat at one sitting. This in itself was a blessing to me because I have always feared that my child is not getting the nourishment he needs since it always made him sick to eat.

A week went by with no nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. I also heard less complaining about aches and pains. And he is full-force on the football team now; he re-earned his positions as a starter on offense and defense and as the punter. So, we have been returning to see Dr. Weatherley as his treatment plan prescribed. I am so grateful for this treatment. Not only is my son feeling better physically, but I have also noticed a change in his spirit. He seems happier and he looks forward to his adjustments. My son claims that he has never felt so good!

 by Ted Widen

All my life I’ve been rough on my body. I’ve broke bones, had numerous stitches, all manner of injuries causing aches and pains. I’ve had several bad car wrecks (two airborne ramping also) trips, falls and even jumped from a second floor roof one time. In general I’ve led a stupid and self-destructive life with no regard for the damage I’ve inflicted on my body! Now in middle age I’ve come to pay for it and have changed my way of looking at how really “tuff” I am.

I’ve always worked hard and played even harder. I worked as an automotive technician for eighteen years, making a good living and picking up many scars, aches and pains along the way. The worst of which happened in 1994 or 1995, I had pulled a head off of a jacked up blazer and set it on the core support so I could crawl down and set it on the bench to inspect for burnt valves. As I was lifting it off the core support and turning to head for the bench my foot slipped on some antifreeze leaking form the car being worked on next to mine. My body twisted and I fell with the weight of the head out stretched in my arms. A sharp nasty pain in my right lower back that radiated outwards hit me. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I spent the next three days in a recliner eating muscle relaxers like candy, but even they didn’t stop the pain. After time I learned to live with the persistent pain without too much difficulty, but occasionally I would have “flare ups” that sent me back to the Doctor for more muscle relaxers. The longer I lived with this the constant pain got worse and the “flare-ups” became more frequent. Slowly after several years I came to the conclusion that pain was just something I was going to have to learn to live with.

Recently after spending three days under our house repairing the foundation, leveling the house and re-wrapping the duct work, I was back to my Medical Doctor needing relief from the pain, more muscle relaxers and a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. By this late date it was old news and I resigned myself to just live through this flare up same as always.

While sitting in the shop one day a man walked in asking about opening his practice in the same area or across town. He said he was a chiropractor and just wanted information and my opinion. I answered his questions and then dropped the hammer. Can you fix my back? He truthfully answered that he did not know for certain, but would be glad to examine me when he got his practice rolling in one month, after he made his decision on location.

I was truly shocked to get a letter from him informing me of his pending grand opening. Funny thing was I was anxiously waiting on the date he gave me to give him a call because I was becoming desperate for relief from my constant pain. Needless to say I called as soon as I received the letter and made an appointment.

True to his word he took x-rays of my back, did a preliminary reading on them. He verified the degenerative disc disease, pointed out a subluxation, several twisted disc and informed me nicely that I had royally messed my back up! He asked me to give him time to evaluate my x-rays, go over my injury history and sEMG to come up with a plan of treatment if he decided he could help me. He also said that if he could not help me that he would tell what my other options were. One thing I really liked was he didn’t sugar coat the degree of damage or instantly claim he could fix it.

I went back a few days later and he said he thought rather strongly that he could help me if not fix my alignment problems. He told me what he planned to do and told me he needed 90 days for the body’s natural healing process to work. I’m not sure what my exact response was but it was something like “What are we waiting on!” My wife just said “fix him - he’s been hurting for a long time.”

He put me on the adjustment table explained about the subluxation and twist being a probable cause of pain and was going to try a test adjustment to further decide if he could be of assistance to me. I walked into his office that day, hurting BADLY despite all the muscle relaxers I had been eating regularly since working on the house.

The first adjustment hurt like hell and sounded to me like a rifle going off, but the sharp pain that had plagued me for 12 or 13 years was gone instantly. Sure I had muscle pain, but nothing like what I had been living with for what seemed like forever. I’ve been going to him three times a week for three weeks now and all I can say is amazing!!! I’m able to touch my toes now! Put my socks on without difficulty! Look over my shoulder without having to turn my whole body! I can do things now that would have caused pain before!! Life is good again! He keeps telling me about having bad days along with the good days. My answer to this is the worst day I’ve had since my first adjustment is still a whole lot better than the best day I’ve had in 12 or 13 years!!!!

All-in-all I can sum this up by thanking God for sending Dr. Jim Weatherley into our shop for information. His honesty and genuine desire to help me has made a real impact in my life. Besides I feel like I’ve gained a friend instead of a Doctor.

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